Strategic Initiatives


Our experience as a consulting firm comes from working with clients on their most strategic initiatives. Here are examples of our most recent engagements:

Get Real Project Management Recent Engagements

  • The transformation of a savings and loan to a full-service financial services institution
  • The development and deployment of a corporate PMO for a biotech firm
  • The revitalization of an ecommerce solution for the nation’s largest shipping and printing company
  • The transition from Waterfall to Agile engagement with the nation’s largest telecom company
  • The management of a leading healthcare organization’s Electronic Health Records (EHR) initiative

One thing we’ve observed over the years is there is not nearly enough attention devoted to contingence planning, and way too little thought given to identifying and mitigating risks. In our engagements, we ask and tackle tough questions that we tackle with clients. For example, we talk about the difference between executive commitment versus executive buy-in, and devise plans to tackle it.

We work side-by-side with clients to help them with every aspect of their most strategic efforts, including building out business justifications to implementation plans and everything in between. Strategic initiatives can be big or small. They can last years or months. Our goal is to apply years of experience in help your strategic initiates be impactful.

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