Levering Change

Change Management Framework

Change and Management are scary words when appearing back-to-back, as in Change Management.  However, a fully functioning Change Management process is a competitive advantage.  It helps capitalize on the changes swirling about the organization, competition landscape and industry, to drive innovation, efficiencies and credibility with customers.

Change Management is defined as approved and practiced processes for managing change from the moment change enters the environment until its resolution.  It includes the following action oriented activities:

ID-100138533Change Management Actions:

  • Identification of Change,
  • Categorization of Change,
  • Prioritization of Change, and
  • Execution of Change

Project activity operates within the Change Management environment. In fact, the project is oftentimes viewed as the execution model for change. That is, once change has been captured and assessed, it then takes the form of a project or program for implementation. Change Management processes are agnostic. Its job is to capture and act upon any change entering the environment. The outcome may be to act or not to act.

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