PM Apprenticeship Program


Get Real PM Apprenticeship Program …Getting the team up to speed
At Get Real Project Management, our goal is to meet you where you are and to provide the talent necessary to help you succeed. The Get Real PM Apprenticeship Program provides a mechanism to develop and strengthen skills, refine and deploy new PM processes, and coach and mentor team members. Making sure team members have the skills and tools to do their jobs successfully is a management responsibility that we can help you achieve.

Valuation…where is the team?
The process starts with the Get Real Project Management Valuation, a level setting, reality check. The goal is to assess the team’s skills in light of the roles they are being asked to fill, and in perspective to the business objectives they are aiming to achieve. It’s a triangular relationship wherein the level of success reached by the team is directly impacted by each point of the triangle. Skills, role, and business objectives form the foundation upon which we then build upon.

Get Real PM Platform
The Get Real Apprenticeship Platform is a customizable project management development continuum designed to provide training at every level.


Basic PM Skills – focuses on developing basic, core PM skills.
Methodology and Process – training targets project methodology, such as Agile, and processes that help guide a project. This also includes governance structures which are vital to monitoring and control.
Coaching and Mentoring – with coaching we aim to improve skills, whereas with mentoring a broader perspective is considered like working with a team member to understand how the important pieces of project management work together, or how business objectives guide a project manager’s behavior and decisions.
Advance PM Skills – at this point in a PM’s development important concepts should be mastered. Concepts such as Earned Value Management (EVM), or complex project schedule development and dashboard reporting.

Get Real PM Apprenticeship Engagement Leaders
The PM Apprenticeship Engagement Leaders are project management professionals, with real-world experience managing projects.  In addition, they will work with you to design a development program that fits your organization’s specific needs. You will find that their development solutions are not only best in class, but coupled with their hands-on experience, unmatched in the industry.

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