PM Theory

PM basics are important. The Theory behind project management is no doubt good. Is it necessary? Let’s save that discussion for a different time. The challenge many PMs experience is in the transition from theory to practicality. In other words, what is practical project management? And, is there or should there be a different approach for each business function ( e.g. IT verses Marketing, or Ops)?

How important is a well defined project scope? How about governance, or requirements or testing, are these important? What about tollgates and proper sign off, important too I guess. And of course financial management is important. It’s all important and critical to the success of a project. But when do we project managers stray? In what situations does project management become an art? Where does the innovative thinking come into play?

I would love to solicit feedback on this question: When have you taken a chance and deviated from plan? There have been times you’ve been pressed for time, or your stakeholders didn’t care to follow protocol. Share your story.

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