Get Real Approach

ID-100130924Project management is more than scope, budget and schedule. It’s about the successful execution of your most strategic initiatives. It’s about getting your products and services to market faster.  It’s about the creation of a corporate culture of execution excellence that fosters agility and industry leadership. Finally, it’s about employing project management principles; governance and confidence to enable you to extract the maximum expected ROI from your corporate initiatives. At Get Real Project Management our goal is to help you cultivate this action-oriented culture of execution excellence. Our services are designed to provide planning and execution expertise when and where you need it.

There are all sorts of challenges standing in the way of a successful project: resources delays and changes; schedule delays; dependencies and interdependencies; out of control spending; and, of course, changing priorities. Any one of these is enough to hamstring a promising project.

Our expertise comes from experience…from working side-by-side with our clients to capture challenging business opportunities; by encouraging project controls that help bring products and services to market faster; and by streamlining processes and costs to maximize all possible margins.  Whether you are looking for direction on building a new PMO or insight on the best way to execute your strategic plans, Get Real Project Management can provide you with professionals who can not only charter a structured course forward, but navigate it as well.

Whether you’re looking to Get Real Project Management for consulting on a specific project, to provide Project Management Office development, or to deliver project management training to your staff – working collaboratively we can develop strategies and controls that ensure project success. At Get Real Project Management we offer a complete range of project management consulting services allowing us to offer customized solutions that address your most pressing needs when and where needed to drive project success.

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