Why Get Real

ID-10013026At Real Project Management our focus is on helping move clients forward. The thing that differentiates GRC is our flexible, pragmatic approach and experienced team. We dive right in where and when you need us, with the right skills and experiences to help drive desirable outcomes.

Client Focused – Our approach to working with you and your team is guided by your needs.  Some clients want a soup to nuts approach, a turnkey approach that provides all the resources to manage the engagement. Others seek to augment a team with project expertise, while others might have projects that have gone completely off the rails and need help getting them back on track. GRC has the professionals to help you succeed in whatever project management scenario you’re in.

Problem Solving – If a hammer is your only tool, then all your issues start taking on the characteristics of nails. At GRC the only tool we bring to our initial client meeting is a desire to understand.  But once the team is mobilized with a shared vision, we then bring the full force of decades of business, process, triage, project, change management, problem solving, strategizing, consulting, leadership, methodology, and project management experience to the table to help you drive your initiatives across the line of success.

No Half-Steppin’ Allowed! – At GRC we run hard all the time. We meet clients wherever their needs are to help them sure up specific areas or even manage the entire effort for them. If you and your team have spent time building a strategy and need help from an execution perspective, GRC can help. If you are facing a daunting situation and need help building an execution model, GRC can help. If you are looking for a team to function as your team or an extension of your team, GRC can help. Our staff of professionals has a balanced and in depth set of skills and experiences that are fully deployed in helping you succeed. We won’t leave you holding the basket.

Leadership – GRC Consultants can lead your initiatives, affording you the time to focus your effort and attention where it is needed the most.  Our project professionals are experienced and know how important it is to make those difficult decisions expeditiously; to ask tough questions with diplomacy and tact; and to value each team member. In this day and age project teams often have team members with different cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, and religious beliefs; it is the project manager’s job to harness this diversity for the project’s success.

Knowledge, Experience & Insight – We are project management practitioners. Our PMs have a minimum of 10 years experience managing projects, and our Partners over 20 years. Our PMs hold advance degrees and additional certifications. They remain plugged into the industry by attending conferences, writing articles, and participating in various professional associations.

ID-100116184The Gold Standard – Try as we might, GRC is not a perfect firm. You’ll find that we are, however, quick to take ownership and correct our mistakes. It’s simple; our team makes a daily commitment to these principles:

  1. To be found trustworthy and honest by our clients
  2. To be valued based on contribution
  3. To be qualified to lead and competent to complete assigned tasks
  4. To respect the individual
  5. To have integrity that is evident
  6. To lift up and encourage, optimism
  7. To display genuine humility

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