David W. Coleman

David W. Coleman

My beautiful and talented wife, Susan, and I founded Get Real Consulting (GRC) in 2011 because of a dire business need we kept running into. It was, and still is a desperate competency all businesses should have, but that the majority do not possess. For, without a delivery competence, combined with the ability to pivot, turn the business quickly, respond to market trends quickly and competitor offerings quickly, your business is sunk…and that’s when things get real tough.

Our goal at GRC is to work with organizations, to not only help chart the way to agility, but to join with them as they build the foundations needed to establish an organizational agility competency that permeates every corner of the business. An agility facilitating innovation and customer acceleration.  

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems (MIS), an MBA in Finance, and have been managing projects since 1988. Susan is an established IT Business Analyst. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems (MIS), and has been leading the definition of requirements, and over the last ten years the development of Agile stories. We both got our start at Electronic Data Systems (EDS) having completed the Systems Engineering Development (SED) program.

We have lead corporate initiatives, business transformations, programs, and projects for leading organizations in Australia, Brazil and the United States of America.  We have stood up Project Management Offices (PMOs) and led delivery efforts in a Marketing, Sales, Operations, Supply Chain, and IT, for organizations in various industries like financial services, banking, biotech, mortgage banking, eCommerce, Healthcare, life sciences, Real Estate and technology.

Our goal with our clients is to add value daily in order to deserve the right to return to the client the next day.

GRC’s continual focus on value creation for clients drives us to continually look for innovative opportunities to help clients.  Our approach is practical, and driven by client dynamics in an environment of client individuality. Meaning, no two clients are alike. We bring experience and expertise to address each client opportunity, but from that client’s unique perspective and company dynamics.  These are all important characteristics that have been implanted into the DNA of Get Real Consulting.

What innovations are you providing to your customers so they too have elements of agility in their businesses?

How quickly do you respond to your client’s requests for new features, products and services?

How do the conversations go with clients/customers who ask you for new products, services and capabilities?

How agile is your business? Agile enough to meet customer needs quickly to help them get to market before their competition?

Give GRC a call, and let’s get you on board the train that leads to agility.

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